Ink Tattoo Maestro Showcase

Our Artist

Hendric Shinigami

Oriental ˙ watercolor ˙ trash Polka

Meet Hendric, the tattoo wizard who's probably been inking longer than your cousin's age. Since '99, Hendric's been carving his name as a living legend in the tattoo world. He's not your average artist; he's the real deal. With his trusty Tatto machine pen, he's been dishing out a lot of intricate masterpieces in oriental, trash, and watercolor styles. But here's the kicker – people don't just come to him for your run-of-the-mill tattoos. Nope, they hit him up for the wildest, out-of-the-box designs. Imagine this: fixing up grandma's eyebrow lines or throwing down a

Our Artist

Angga Shinigami

Realistic ˙ Fantasy ˙ oriental

The black and white wizard with a touch of Bali's oriental charm. Ode is your go-to artist when you're all about that realistic ink on your body. Just shoot him a detailed sample image, and he'll weave his magic with his trusty buzzing rotary tattoo machine. But don't let the serious ink fool you; Ode's a top bloke who loves to hear your tales! Ode's been riding the tattoo wave since 2015 – that's a solid 8 years of tattoo mastery under his belt. He's the kind of guy who welcomes anyone with an open

Our Artist

Avid Shinigami

maori ˙ geometric ˙ oriental

Picture this: This man will working to complete your geometric masterpiece, even if he faints twice (yes, seriously!) – that's the kind of dedication you'll find here. Meet Avid, our tattoo virtuoso where cool vibes meet meticulous artistry. A meticulous man indeed, Avid's love for tattooing shines through his favorite styles – Maori, oriental, and geometric designs. He's been perfecting his craft since 2014, and his work is nothing short of top-notch. Avid's journey in the tattoo industry began around a decade ago, and he's anything but complacent. He's a lifelong learner, always seeking to

Our Artist

Eron Shinigami

Realistic ˙ Trash Polka ˙ Oriental

Eron is not your average ink slinger; this legend's inked it all – Trash Art, a cheeky mole tattoo, and even something as wild as a… well, let's just say drawing people take a sh*t. If you're a true art extremist, he's your go-to. With almost a decade of tattoo wizardry tucked under his belt, Eron's more than just an artist – he's a creator of lifelike masterpieces that'll make your jaw hit the deck. Realistic styles and vibrant colors are his turf, and he handles that machine cable pen like a true champ. Eron's