Our Artist

Angga Shinigami

Realistic ˙ Fantasy ˙ oriental

The black and white wizard with a touch of Bali’s oriental charm. Ode is your go-to artist when you’re all about that realistic ink on your body. Just shoot him a detailed sample image, and he’ll weave his magic with his trusty buzzing rotary tattoo machine. But don’t let the serious ink fool you; Ode’s a top bloke who loves to hear your tales!

Ode’s been riding the tattoo wave since 2015 – that’s a solid 8 years of tattoo mastery under his belt. He’s the kind of guy who welcomes anyone with an open mind, no judgment here. He’s the type who treats every customer as if they’re in for another epic adventure in life. So, if you’re in Bali and looking for a legendary tattoo experience, Ode’s your friendly neighborhood ink maestro. Cheers to good times and great ink!