How to book a reservation?

You can just walk-in & meet our team or book reservation on our WhatsApp at +62 812-1212-0897

Is it safe to get tattoo here?

Every consumer receives brand-new, disposable needles.
To ensure the customer’s safety and hygiene, all of our tools are regularly cleaned.

How much does it cost?

We offer pricing based on the size, method, and difficulty of the tattoo design.
We think that quality and safety should come first in ensuring a tattoo that lasts a long time. Just send your reference to our DM!

Do you accept beauty tattoos for girls?

No need to worry, ladies! We have a lot of clients who wish to add moles and fix their brow line.

Do you accept tattoo idea consultations?

Yes, you can come by walk-in or chat with us on WhatsApp. Text us for a quick reply at +62 812-1212-0897

Can I choose the artist?

For sure! We have many talented artists who work in a variety of styles.
Let us know what tattoo design you have in mind, and we’ll make it!

Do you have a smoking room?

You can take a short break in the middle of your tattoo session because we have a private space for a smoking area back in our studio.

Is pet & child allowed?

We are kids-friendly places! For your children’s comfort, we have a waiting area and snacks. Cats and dogs are not allowed.

Is it possible to have the tattoo service at my home?

Yes, we offer a special home service. Our team will bring all the tools & do all the processes in your home. Along with the tattoo fee, we added an extra fee for this home service.

I don't have any transportation to go there, could you pick me up?

No worries! 100% Free Pick Up Services. This service is already covered by the deposit payment that you and our studio previously agreed upon.

Could you cover up my old tattoo with a new one?

Of course, you can create a new tattoo design over the old one. We suggest discussing with our tattoo artist to create a new tattoo design.

Is it possible to retouch my current tattoo?

As fresh as new! We will fix the part of your current tattoo like new.

After Treatment

  • Clean your tattoo after you open the plastic (plastic max just for 1 hour)
  • Use cotton/tissue / clean napkin with water to clean your tattoo
  • You can shower normally but don’t brush your tattoo area
  • If the tattoo is exposed to water from soap or shampoo when you take a bath, don’t worry, you can simply rinse it again with water
  • You can put cream/aftercare tattoo, after 4 days from the tattoo session (you can put cream after finishing shower)
  • On the next 5-7 days after the tattoo session, your tattoo area gonna be itchy, don’t scratch your tattoo (just leave it)
  • Don’t go swimming in the pool or beach (1-2 weeks depending on the healing process of each person)
  • Do not exercise or gym or activities that make a lot of sweat (1-2 weeks depending on the healing process of each person)
  • When your skin is peeling off or in the process of changing the skin, don’t pull out your skin.. just let the tattooed skin fall off on its own.
  • Use a skin moisturizer every day when the tattoo has healed, so that your skin is kept moisturized and stays healthy given nutrients or vitamins for the skin
  • The enemy of your tattoo is the sun, make sure you wear sunblock if you want your tattoo to always look good (because the sun can make your skin look dull and dry, so the tattoo area that is often exposed to sunlight will look fade)