Our Artist

Eron Shinigami

Realistic ˙ Trash Polka ˙ Oriental

Eron is not your average ink slinger; this legend’s inked it all – Trash Art, a cheeky mole tattoo, and even something as wild as a… well, let’s just say drawing people take a sh*t. If you’re a true art extremist, he’s your go-to. With almost a decade of tattoo wizardry tucked under his belt, Eron’s more than just an artist – he’s a creator of lifelike masterpieces that’ll make your jaw hit the deck. Realistic styles and vibrant colors are his turf, and he handles that machine cable pen like a true champ.

Eron’s the kinda bloke you’ve gotta meet at least once in your life – a real game-changer, trust us on that!

Now, if you’re curious about his pearls of wisdom, here it is: “everything has its time, don’t forget to eat.” Not just a talented artist, but a true sweetheart with a knack for trash art.