Our Artist

Avid Shinigami

maori ˙ geometric ˙ oriental

Picture this: This man will working to complete your geometric masterpiece, even if he faints twice (yes, seriously!) – that’s the kind of dedication you’ll find here.
Meet Avid, our tattoo virtuoso where cool vibes meet meticulous artistry.

A meticulous man indeed, Avid’s love for tattooing shines through his favorite styles – Maori, oriental, and geometric designs. He’s been perfecting his craft since 2014, and his work is nothing short of top-notch. Avid’s journey in the tattoo industry began around a decade ago, and he’s anything but complacent. He’s a lifelong learner, always seeking to hone his skills. You could say he’s like a perpetual student, always hungry for more knowledge and skill.

Now, about those wild requests… People have asked him to create a hair tattoo on someone’s head and even ink a straight line in their armpits. What a champ, right?

Tiger oriental japanese

Samurai oriental Japanese

Rangda Balinese style color

Phoenix oriental black grey

Oriental japanese fullchest

Oriental black grey full sleeve

Oriental black grey sleeve

Maori freehand sleeve

Maori freehand full sleeve

Lion realism

Koi yin-yang oriental color

Geometry mandala symmetrical

japanese x Balinese style

Dragon Japanese oriental