Our Artist

Hendric Shinigami

Oriental ˙ watercolor ˙ trash Polka

Meet Hendric, the tattoo wizard who’s probably been inking longer than your cousin’s age. Since ’99, Hendric’s been carving his name as a living legend in the tattoo world. He’s not your average artist; he’s the real deal.

With his trusty Tatto machine pen, he’s been dishing out a lot of intricate masterpieces in oriental, trash, and watercolor styles. But here’s the kicker – people don’t just come to him for your run-of-the-mill tattoos. Nope, they hit him up for the wildest, out-of-the-box designs. Imagine this: fixing up grandma’s eyebrow lines or throwing down a UV Rose tattoo on a 70-year-old legend. Yeah, it’s as crazy and awesome as it sounds!

Now, here’s a little wisdom from the man himself, embodied in #Openyoureyes. It’s a reflection of his personality and his way of saying that tattooing isn’t just a job; it’s his passion, his pride, and his joy. For him, it’s all about unleashing the freedom to paint a masterpiece on someone’s body, and that’s what makes him the true legendart artist that he is.

Viking style

Tiger realism

Tiger full-back

Red foo dog

Raijin color sleeve


Phoenix 1

Phoenix black grey

Phoenix and hannya mask

Monkey King with dragon

Maori color

Koi Oriental sleeve color

Koi oriental Japanese

Green dragon oriental Japanese

Full front phoenix

Dc vs Marvel

Crow fullback

Barong Color