7 unique and cool tattoo motifs in Bali

Bali, an island rich in culture and art, is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also symbolizes its traditional artistic heritage. One form of art that is growing rapidly is tattoo art. Bali preserves the beauty of body art through 7 unique tattoo motifs. These designs, steeped in symbolism and spirituality, serve as visual narratives of Bali’s rich cultural heritage.

From the protective allure of Balinese masks to the majestic Garuda’s embodiment of power and loyalty, each motif resonates with deep significance and etc. each tattoo design carries a deep meaning that reflects spiritual and cultural heritage. Here are 7 Unique and Cool Tattoo Motifs that are Very Popular in Bali.

Here are 7 unique and cool tattoo motifs in Bali


Barong Tattoo

The Barong tattoo motif depicts characters from traditional Balinese art that tells the story of the battle between good (Barong) and evil (Rangda). This colorful tattoo design is often used as a symbol of protection from negative energy.

Barong, as a symbol of goodness, competes with Rangda which symbolizes evil in an epic story. Each element of the colorful tattoo design of the Barong motif tattoo encapsulates the power of resistance to evil, creating an art form that is not only aesthetic but also filled with deep Balinese cultural values and meaning.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana motif, which is often referred to as GWK, takes inspiration from the Hindu legend that created the God Vishnu and his myth about his loyal steed, Garuda. In tattoo art, GWK is a symbol of majesty and freedom, with depictions that depict strength and greatness.

Through this design, body tattoo art becomes a medium that visualizes the deep meaning of the Hindu legend, immortalizing it in strokes that strengthen the spiritual values and beauty of the art.

Gods and Goddesses

gods and goddesses tattoo

Crafting a god-themed tattoo involves intertwining symbolism and reverence into an everlasting artwork. The chosen god becomes a guiding light, eternally inked upon the bearer’s skin. From the intricate design emerges a narrative, speaking of divine wisdom, strength, or protection. Symbolic elements, meticulously etched, resonate with ancient mythologies, echoing stories of gods and goddesses. Through artistry, the tattoo becomes a testament to faith and spirituality, a visual hymn to the divine. It speaks of a personal connection with the numinous, an affirmation of beliefs woven into the fabric of existence. Thus, the god tattoo transcends mere ink and skin, becoming a sacred emblem of the soul’s journey.

Kecak dance

The Kecak Dance tattoo motif depicts the spirit inherent in the famous traditional Balinese performance. The dynamic style of depicting dance movements in this tattoo has succeeded in creating positive energy and encouraging the spirit of high tattoo art.

With each stroke, this tattoo becomes a visual manifestation that celebrates the beauty of the Kecak Dance, while paying tribute to the richness of Bali’s stunning traditional performing arts. With a touch of high tattoo art, this experience becomes deeper and presents the beauty of Balinese culture in a unique way.

Shadow Puppets

variety of modern tattoo styles

Shadow puppetry, a traditional Indonesian art steeped in cultural heritage, also has a deep influence in Bali. The tattoo motif designs inspired by Wayang kulit reflect the richness of the performing arts, visualizing epic characters with subtle and intelligent details.

In every stroke, this tattoo motif pays tribute to a deep artistic tradition, immortalizes the beauty of an epic narrative, and presents subtle and intelligent details in a work of body art.

Frangipani flower

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Cambodian flowers, which are often referred to as “Jepun” in Balinese, are a choice of tattoo motifs that show beauty and purity. This elegant tattoo design is chosen by many people to celebrate natural beauty and depict a touch of spirituality in body art.

With each stroke symbolizing the elegance of Cambodian flowers and producing an elegant tattoo design, this tattoo motif becomes a charming visual symbol, connecting natural beauty with deep spiritual meaning.

Besakih Temple

Pura Besakih, which is also known as Pura Agung Besakih, is the largest and oldest temple in Bali. This tattoo motif depicts purity and spiritual balance, often chosen by those who seek a close connection with nature and spiritual life.

By choosing one of these tattoo motifs, a person not only adorns their body with beautiful art but also honors and celebrates the rich culture and spirituality found in Bali. Tattoo art in Bali is not just a body ornament, but is also a window into a rich and deep cultural heritage.

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