Get to know the most painful and least painful areas for tattooing

Having a tattoo is not only everyone’s dream, but there are many considerations that must be considered when deciding to have a tattoo, one of the considerations is pain. The pain of getting a tattoo can vary depending on the location on your body. 

Therefore, this article will discuss in full which areas are at risk of getting the most pain and pain from getting a tattoo, so that it can help you make wise decisions before visiting a tattoo studio.

Painless Tattoo Areas for Tattoos


The forearm is the most popular option for beginners who want to try getting a tattoo. This is not without reason, the large amount of muscle and fatty tissue in the area allows for an effective contribution to the relatively low level of pain during the tattoo process. 

Outer thigh

The outer thigh is another area that has a lower pain potential for tattooing. With the large amount of muscle and adipose tissue in this area, pain in this area is often more manageable than in other areas of the body. 

This location is also quite ideal as a place for more complicated tattoo designs. For those of you who want to get a tattoo with complex details, the outer thigh is the right solution for you.

Calf section

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The calf area is the right choice for those who want to get a tattoo, but want less pain. The presence of thick muscles and thinner nerve density makes the calf area easier to penetrate during a tattoo session. 

Thus, many people feel more comfortable getting a tattoo on their calf area than other parts of the body. 


tattoo designs is the shoulder

Another part of the body that has a lower potential for pain for tattoo designs is the shoulder. The combination of muscles and a thicker layer of skin in this area helps reduce the sensation of pain.

This makes this area an important part for many people, especially those who are still beginners. The thicker muscles and skin in the shoulder area function as a natural cushion that helps reduce the intensity of pain when tattooed. 

Potentially Most Painful Tattoo Areas


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One of the most painful areas to get a tattoo is the shoulder. This area is not only a challenging part of the body when tattooed, but is also famous for its sharp pain.

The small number of muscles and their position near the bones adds to the pain and discomfort. Even though it is painful, there are still many people who choose this area for tattoos because of the aesthetic appeal this area offers.


Getting a tattoo design along the spine can be an intense experience, as the spine has many nerve endings around it. The combination of bone structure and sensitivity of the area makes it one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo. 

His feet and ankles

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The ankles and feet are painful parts to get tattooed. This is due to the lack of muscle in this area, making it the most sensitive point compared to other areas. 

Inner wrist

Pain on the inner wrist is the opposite of the outer wrist which has less pain. The inner wrist is composed of thin skin and is close to blood vessels, making it a sensitive area. 

Understanding painful and non-painful areas can help you make wise decisions before choosing the area you want to tattoo. There’s no harm in discussing it first with an experienced tattoo artist like the team of tattoo artists at Hendric Shinigami. Therefore, visit Hendric Shinigami Tattoo Studio for further consultation and to get a tattoo offer with impressive aesthetics.

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