Iconic Gold Dragon Statue

Our tattoo studio in bali is home to a magnificent gold dragon that’s not just a visual stunner; it’s loaded with deep, East Oriental symbolism. This bad boy represents prosperity, wealth, and vitality – all wrapped up in that vibrant red pole signifying life itself.
But here’s the kicker, this dragon isn’t just a cool decoration – it’s the powerhouse behind our studio. It’s a reminder that we’re all about crafting art that’s brimming with life and prosperity, and we’re not just talking about tattoos. This majestic dragon sometimes tricks folks into thinking we’re a high-end Chinese restaurant. So, whether you’re here to get inked up or just want to hang out with our dragon friend, we’re stoked to have you and share our world of art and symbolism.

So, here’s the deal, whether you’re a tattoo aficionado or a curious explorer, our doors are wide open for you. Dive into the world of tattoos that speak volumes, and explore the depth of art and symbolism.